According to section 5.c of our articles, PROTECTOR MEMBERS shall be private individuals or corporations, Institutions, Foundations, or Spanish or Foreign Organisations who, via their material economic contributions or sponsorships, help towards sustaining or developing the Association.

Specific services provided for Protector Members:

  • Participating in the life of the 9915 Association, attending meetings of its Assemblies with the right to speak.[space height=”15″]
  • Being privileged intermediaries of the Technical Committee in their speciality areas.
  • Appearing in the 9915 website with direct access to the site of the Protector Member.
  • Channelling the specific offers which the Protector Member wishes to make to associates via the Association, with the security of having direct access to its members and preferential treatment.
  • Through the Association, providing collectors with news of interest for them related to the activity of the Protector Member, via websites, e-mail, etc.
  • Proposing presentations and events to collectors on their services and activities.
  • Attendance for up to three people from the Company or Institution in acts organised by 9915 and with a price reduction for those having a cost.
  • Benefiting from reduced tariffs in publications produced by 9915.
  • Benefiting from reduced tariffs in those agreements which the Association might sign with other bodies.
  • Conducting of technical consultations among members via the website.
  • Participation via publicity (exclusive for Protector Members) in catalogues, exhibitions or technical sessions, etc.
  • 12. Priority in sponsorship of acts held by 9915.


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