Being a member of 9915 means coming to form part of our Association, taking part in its development and making contact with a large group of collectors and friends with which to exchange opinions, share experiences, pass on ideas, offer services, organise meetings, presentations, make trips of interest, etc.

In short, being a privileged intermediary with the Association and its associates in relation to their activities.


By joining, the collector will benefit from the activities which the Association carries out: communicating the latest developments in collecting, the instructing of new collectors and negotiating advantageous terms for subscriptions, trips and other services.

Advice in matters such as the buying, selling and lending of pieces, guidelines in conservation, packaging, transportation, insurance, storage, documentation and certification of works.

Legal and fiscal advice, the creation of tools allowing members to share their collections with each other, and with curators and cultural institutions, along with the drawing up of a code of good practices; these are the fundamental bases of the services which 9915 provides for its members.


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