9915, the Association of Contemporary Art Private Collectors in Spain is born

Prompted by a group of contemporary art collectors, 9915 (Ninety-nine fifteen) was set up with the aim of promoting the coming together of interests among contemporary art collectors and to encourage the instructing of collectors, as well as to create the necessary tools for regulating and publicising this basic activity of the art market in Spain.

To standardise, regulate and professionalise the activity of private collecting of contemporary art and to claim the social value which this activity has, these are going to be the fundamental objectives of the new Association.

One of the most ambitious initiatives of 9915 is the creation of a large database, with voluntary participation, where private collections can be brought together so that they can be made known among members of the Association and Institutions devoted to the study, promotion and exhibiting of contemporary art.

Honorary Chair, Governing Board and Technical Committee

The Governing Board is made up of Jaime Sordo, Chair; Enrique Vallés and Juan Antonio Rodríguez Deorador as Vice-Chairs; Carlos Puerta, Secretary and Angel Nieto, Treasurer; along with board members Chema de Francisco, Alicia Aza, Julián Castilla, Carmen Pérez Seoane and Carlos Rosón.

A Technical Committee is created, in charge of setting up working groups which will develop the aims and objectives of the Association.

In the first meeting of the Governing Board, held last 27 March, a resolution was adopted to appoint Pilar Citoler as Honorary Chair and Chema de Francisco as Technical Manager of the Technical Committee.


9915 wishes to promote the defence of the rights of collectors in the buying process, establishing the necessary channels, procedures and documents that will permit works of art to be catalogued, certified and conserved. As part of its corporate actions, it is also going to be promoting contacts with all the economic players in the world of collecting: gallery owners, insurance companies, restorers, transport companies, packagers, laboratories, workshops, photographers and printers.

The Association also considers that a Code of good practices needs to be created, to be drawn up by it, and which will be observed by members in their activity as collectors.

9915 is represented in the collectors working group of the IAC, Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo (Institute of Contemporary Art).

9915 wishes to actively contribute to instructing collectors, promoting courses, forums and conferences; to facilitate contacts between associates and curators, critics and historians, and to structure a service for certification and authentication by specific experts; to encourage and coordinate the making available of the artistic heritage of associates to the cultural world – museums, galleries, artists, curators and universities – for their exhibition, study, cataloguing, research, etc., and within the limits of its possibilities to provide business, legal and fiscal advice in the buying, selling, lending, etc., of works of art by its associates.